This is a website providing content by Liam Lysaght. it is a mismash of content, mostly written to celebrate aspects of Ireland biodiversity and to argue for its conservation. And its contains other stuff too!

About Liam. I head up Ireland’s National Biodiversity Data Centre based in Waterford. I live in Gowran with my wife, Josephine and four (sometimes) lovely children; Seppie, Bella, Pauli and Feix. I am very familiar with the Irish nature conservation scene, having worked first at Connemara National Park and then moving to the newly established Burren National Park as Park Ranger. I moved from there to the Heritage Council where myself and five  colleagues were the first staff appointed to the new Heritage Council, an independent statutory advisory council.  I was appointed as Centre Director of the National Biodiversity Data Centre when it was set up in 2007. My primary degree was in Geography and Sociology (well, we all make some mistakes in life) and my Ph.D. researched breeding birds of farmland.

Bella and Liam 00
Liam with his daughter Bella, on their Round Ireland cycle in 2014.

In addition to an interest in all things wildlife (well, big and kinda easy to identify wildlife) I’m an avid cyclists, member of the august Marble City Cylers, and keen photographer.